Why not treat yourself or a friend to a deeply relaxing massage at The Beauty Bar?  Check our full list of treatments here...


The Trendsetter

You're ahead of the game and you set the style! Just let your stylist know how YOU want to have it blow dried and relax and we'll take care of you. 


Short & Sweet

Blow out for shorter hair


Smooth n Sleek & Oh So Chic!

Ideal for long hair £20


Styled Blowdry

Hair dried to your fave style and then half pinned up. 


Fish Tail Braid

The most glamorous of fishes.....we mean plaits!


NEW! Glitter Roots

Shine bright like a diamond that you are! Add glitter to your parting.


NEW! Glitzy Spritzy

Spray your style with micro glitters to transform your look to a sparkly, shimmery work of art!


Conditioning Treatment

Intensive repair with a hot towel to increase product penetration.